It’s safe to say that Swiss-American artist Sam Himself has had a multitude of successes along the way in his relatively short career span.  After dropping his debut LP ‘Power Ballad’ in 2021, people were immediately hooked by his highly immersive soaking of chilled melancholy indie that is so easy on the ear. It caught the attention of Spotify, with songs such as ‘La Paz’ and ‘Nothing Like The Night’ striking that streaming chord, in the hundreds of thousands of plays.

He hasn’t stopped since and his now embarking on re-defining his sound in a second album, and new single ‘Never Let Me Go’ is the first instalment of it. Sam’s deep, rich and evocative vocals always command your attention, in a song that is synth and electronically driven. It comes to an anthemic and euphoric close, full of airy synths and an all encompassing atmosphere that you can’t help but get swept up in.

The New Yorker instils his notion of new beginnings with this track, saying “The last couple of years took their toll on me like they did on all of us, but they also gave me a lot to be thankful for. It still feels like a small miracle that anyone cared about my music while we were all going through this pretty bleak time.”

Check out the new single, out today, with the video below.