Pretty O.P. follows up on their recent EP’s success with their latest single, “Look Who’s Laughing Now,” a bright and guitar-driven take on a vindictive relationship. The track swirls into the listener’s ears with a synthy interlude and dreamy melody line. “My thoughts get so mixed up/ When I try to think through this disarray,” Derek Mac begins in a soothing, melancholic voice. Met with an earworm of a chorus and a cutting punchline-turned-track-title, Pretty O.P. delivers an exciting performance of reflection and recompense.

The Baltimore, Maryland McNamara brothers Derek, Keenan, and Spencer create a strong rhythmic foundation of guitar, bass, and drums that drive the momentum of Pretty O.P.’s latest release. “Look Who’s Laughing Now” was recorded in the group’s home studio, where they overdubbed vocals, synthesizers, trumpet, and sleigh bells.

The recording’s full, lush sound can be attributed to its wide variety of instrumentation and masterful genre-bending. It is perfect listening for shoegaze or indie pop lovers.

“Look Who’s Laughing Now” is out on all streaming platforms.

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