Following up a flurry of bright and captivating offerings over the last few years, which have earned him over one million streams across digital streaming platforms and support from acclaimed publications such as 1883 Magazine, Mystic Sons and Clash Magazine, Blonds, the musical project of professional painter and musician Luciano Thomas, has now returned to unveil his eagerly-awaited new EP ‘Retrospective’.

Featuring the recently shared anthem ‘Yesterday’, the new three-track collection sees him take influence from the sounds of yesteryear, hence the title ‘Retrospective’. Blending diverse aesthetics inspired by the last five decades of pop innovation, the entirely self-produced EP aims to bring forth a new era in the Blonds sound, one that pushes the boundaries of his formative direction even further.

Blonds on the inspiration behind ‘Retrospective’:

Retrospective is a collection of three songs that deal with the past. Each song contains musical elements from past decades, hence the “retro” in Retrospective. ‘Kate’s Moving To Philadelphia’ employs sparkly and reverb soaked 80s indie new wave tropes, ‘Oh Talulah!’ contains 60s pop instrumentation and structure, and ‘Yesterday’ combines elements of 70s acoustic pop with late 90s acoustic pop to give it a catchy, easy-listening vibe. Additionally, the term “retrospective” usually refers to a look back upon an artist’s body of work, and as a painter I’ve included my paintings in the background of the cover art as well as framed the cover art to appear as a painting hanging on a white gallery wall.”

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