is currently designed for the purpose of allowing bands and music companies to post their own publicity directly to our website through the ubiquitous WordPress interface (after you sign up and change your password).

Your story will be posted through our social media

as well as added to our Steemit page

We now have the ability to allow You to enter your Steem account name and key for receiving credit on posts that you have created, in other words, when You post your publicity to you can receive cryptocurrency for doing so. As indicated at the bottom of each page.

There are many other cryptocurrency projects focused on paying artists and we have a keen interest in exploring these and implementing them when possible just as we have with steem


For writers the idea is to provide a platform where you can post multiple reviews and articles and collect cryptocurrency while doing so. we have a pending post cue of requests and invitations from bands and companies that would like to be reviewed.

If you would like to add frequent posts to please write to with links to a couple of Articles you’ve written and we will provide you access to our request queue.


The default setting for steem credits is indiemusic please be sure to change this to your own

Steem pays in two ways, with “steem” tokens (STEEM) which are exchangeable for currency and “steem power” which is a reputation generating property. You can exchange steem power for steem tokens to cash out but that takes some time. Indie-music will work to increase it’s steem power and reputation to create higher rewards for everyone posting to our platform

Indie music has no partnership with, that’s just the way steemit works and we feel every artist should learn about this project and more projects which could benefit them financially for their works.

Independent Artists have always encountered barriers which prevent them from being paid for their works in the same way that larger selling Artists do. Most of these barriers have to do with systemic problems in tracking and renumeration of small quantities. Often by large levies placed by the Distribution Systems.

We believe that cryptocurrency can answer the problems caused by this type of systemic drain on the potential of an artist’s income

We look forward to exploring this with you

Paul Bultman