London based Slovenian singer and songwriter Ina Shai returns in complete and utter style with the sensual, soulful and passion inducing new single ‘Touch’ with accompanying video out on the 20th of November. Once again showcasing the incredible capabilities of her deep, rich and stunning vocal, she effortlessly swings from sultry, velvet-like R&B tones to powerful, commanding and captivating notes drenched in soul.

The song details the to and fro of a toxic relationship and the dynamic dance of knowing  the person you desire is emotionally unavailable but not being able to help how you feel. ‘Touch’ demonstrates the internal battle felt between what you want and what you know is right. 

» “I loved performing the song live and it really took me by surprise how much people loved it too. I’d never have written the song if I was writing for myself as this song is very different to the music I was releasing at the time. I really didn’t have any filters when writing it so I  think this song shows a very different side to me. A more playful, sexy and sensual side which I never showed in my music before. That’s why it also took me so long to gather the courage to release it. Especially the music video which 100% represents the song and myself. I allowed myself to dance and express myself through movement, something that feels really natural to me but somehow I wasn’t ready to share with the world up till now. Being a powerful woman who is confident in her body and in her femininity is nothing to be ashamed of but should rather be encouraged and celebrated.” « Ina Shai

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