Having just released his stunning debut single ‘Nervous’ we decided to check in with Hugo Joyce and chat all about his new release.

Hey Hugo, thank you for joining us today. Could you please tell any of our readers that haven’t heard about you yet what you’re all about?

Hey, thanks for having me! I’m a singer songwriter from North East London. I have just dropped my debut single ‘Nervous’ today! All my material is co-written alongside my writing partner Tom Althorpe. I try to keep my lyrics as honest and relatable as possible drawing inspiration from my own and others experiences!

Congrats on the release of your debut single ‘Nervous’. How are you feeling about this right now?

I’m feeling really excited but also relieved! We have been working on this track since November 2019 so it’s great for it to be finally here.

Could you talk to us about the process you have made as a singer to get to this point?

It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey. I never set out to become a singer. I was just a songwriter at first and was happy with being that. However, whenever I would sing my songs to friends, family and so on they would always say, well why don’t you sing them! I was then persuaded to sing at an open mic in my local area. A month later I was headlining the singer songwriter showcase at the Troubadour Club in Earls Court. The rest is history.

We’re loving the artwork for ‘Nervous’ could you please explain the meaning behind this?

Thank you! The artwork symbolises a new relationship. This big new, bright and exciting thing. The twists and turns, ups and downs you get when you first meet someone.

If you had to describe the single in 3 words which, would you pick?

Addictive, Relatable and Timeless

How was the process of creating ‘Nervous’?

It was really fun. I came up with the idea for the song after I watched the classic rom com ‘About time.’ This prompted me to start writing about the excitement of a new relationship. So once I had the idea I started brainstorming lyrics and the line ‘you make me feel nervous, whenever you walk in the room’ came out. I pitched this to my writing partner Tom, he loved it thankfully. We then worked on the basic production to pitch to our producer.

Has listening to any other artist throughout your youth inspired this record?

I grew up listening to songwriting greats like Elton John, Carole King and Phil Collins. More recently I would say the likes of Adele, James Bay and JP Cooper have inspired me. The way they incorporate real instruments at the core of their music coupled with digital elements.

What can we expect to see from in the future from you?

More music! You will see a few videos coming out this side of the year but early next year my next single will hopefully be out to follow up my debut single ‘Nervous’

Thanks for joining us guys. Any last comments you would like to mention to fans?

Thank you for having me! Just thank you for sticking with me, I really hope you love the track and keep an eye out for new videos and live shows!

Check out his single right here