Having just released his brilliant new single ‘Restitution’ we decided to check in with MODES and chat all about their new release.

Hey, thank you for joining us today. Could you please tell any of our readers that haven’t heard about you yet what you’re all about?

Thank you for having us, we really appreciate it. Modes are about sending a positive message with our music that even though we all go through difficult times that no one is alone, there are people who care about you and will help guide you through challenging periods of life. Through difficulties that we all go through in life, we believe that its important to reflect on past experiences and learn from them to guide to you to becoming a better person going forward. Our music is an outlet to get our anger and emotions across from previous experiences and we hope that our music can help others the way heavy music has helped us in the past.

Congrats on your new release. How are you feeling about this right now?

Thank you so much, we are incredibly proud of Restitution and we are so humbled by the positive reception the single received from the fans and the heavy music community. We are over the moon with all the positive comments and feedback we have received so far.

Could you talk to us about the process you have made as an artist to get to this point?

We have all put an incredible amount of hard work into the band since we started in 2018. We have played some incredible shows and met so many amazing people which has all led us to this point. Obviously the lockdown took a huge toll on the music industry which came as a blessing in disguise as it allowed us to fully focus on writing what will be our next EP. Working with Nick at six-point media really helped us to develop as musicians and improved the way we write new material which has led us to this point.

We’re loving the single artwork. Could you please explain the meaning behind this?

The artwork for restitution symbolises growth through the roses growing along the arms, strength, and wanting to help others up when they are down through the hand pulling the other up. It also signifies unity and togetherness of the two. The art style is influenced by some of our favourite bands through the more simplistic art design, while also getting the ideas and values of the song across.

If you had to describe your sound in 3 words which, would you pick?

Emotional, Raw and Honest.

Was the process in creating this single different to the other music you have released?

Writing this single was incredibly challenging as we all wrote weekly via skype during the first lockdown. We all send ideas back and forth and would have weekly meetings to listen and critique the songs until we were 100% happy with what we had done. Recording was also a challenge due to Covid not allowing us to practice the songs together meaning we had to learn the songs in the studio as we recorded them.

With our first EP we were all in a practice space and jammed out the ideas until we were happy. With this release we had a lot more time to critically analyse what we were working on which allowed us to give a more polished and well thought out sound.

Has listening to any other artist throughout your youth inspired this record?

We all grew up in the early 2000’s in the early metal core scene which had a massive influence on all of us. We all draw inspiration from different bands which we all put together to form what is our current sound. We also have influences in other styles of music that we have also brought into the band such as classical and jazz.

What can we expect to see from in the future from you?

We may or may not have more music releasing this year. We’re hoping to play further afield, meet new bands and meet a ton of new fans making friends along the way. We have some exciting things in the pipeline that should be announced at some point in the near future.

Thanks again for joining us today. Any last comments you would like to mention to fans?

Thank you to everyone for streaming, watching and sharing our music so far. We cannot thank you all enough for all your continued support. We love meeting all of you at shows and your support is what keeps us going.

Check out MODES new single right here