Having just released his brilliant new self titled EP we decided to check in with Maejis Mind and chat all about his new release.

Hey Maejis Mind, thank you for joining us today. Could you please tell any of our readers
that haven’t heard about you yet what you’re all about?

Happy to be here. Maejis Mind is a music project of mine, and it leans towards psychedelic
rock/pop in style. I write and record these pieces by myself, and am certainly inspired by
many great psychedelic rock artists from the past and present. I try to make songs that are
somewhat hypnotic or enchanting, but really this project is just an outlet for me to write
grooves and make some weird somewhat-experimental noises.

Congrats on the release of your self-titled EP. How are you feeling about this right now?

I’m feeling proud that it’s finally out. I have been sitting on some of these songs since the
summer of 2021, and just wanted them to be out already for a while. The best thing so far
about this release was when my roommate and I listened to the whole thing when it first
released on streaming services, and that was really fulfilling. Of course the more people it
impacts in anyway the merrier, but already I’m quite content with how it’s gone just from
being able to share this with my loved ones.

Could you talk to us about the process you have made as an artist to get to this point?

To be frank there’s not really much of a process. I mostly just jam on random chords and
whatever sticks, sticks. If I try to force a process the song usually comes out pretty basic or
otherwise not that good. I just try to record as much as I can and if I get something, great. If
not, I’ll try again later.

We’re loving the artwork theme the EP. Could you please explain the meaning behind this?

My best friend’s sister actually made this artwork. I wanted something psychedelic looking
with lots of colors. I’m actually colorblind so it’s funny to think that I can’t fully appreciate
the artwork as other people can, but I like the reds and purples. Overall it’s just a drawing of
this hiking spot outside of LA that I like to go to, so that’s the personal connection.

If you had to describe the EP in 3 words which, would you pick?

Psychedelic, groovy, careless.

What are the challenges that get in the way of releases music as a new artist?

I love Spotify, but I do think the way that stream counts/monthly listeners work is pretty
toxic. I think it prevents people from trying to do something really crazy with music and just
want to focus on making something that “fits” with the trends and playlists. I’ve tried to get
out of the tunnel vision that Spotify gives to new artists and I think I’ve been successful, but I
can still see how new artists would feel their creativity hindered by the way the platforms

Has listening to any other artist throughout your youth inspired this record?

When I was a kid I was obsessed with Black Sabbath. I loved the distorted guitars and the
overwhelming sound on their records, especially Sabotage.

What can we expect to see from in the future from you?

I’ve been writing more songs that have been a bit more intimate, with lack of a better way to
say. I think with this initial EP I subconsciously put a lot of limitations on myself because I
wanted as many people to like it as possible, but now I don’t really care about that so I just
want to release music that I think is good, not just commercial.

Thanks again for joining us today. Any last comments you would like to mention to fans?

I hope you stay well and healthy during these weird times. Enjoy music and let it help you through the
days; I know it’s helped me. Thanks for reading.