Having just released their brilliant new single ‘GOLD’ we decided to check in with Elessar and chat all about their new release.

Hey, thank you for joining us today. Could you please tell any of our readers that haven’t heard about you yet what you’re all about?  Hey! I’m Ricky, one third of the band Elessar, we’re an Alt Rock trio from Gloucestershire, UK. Our ethos has always been about good vibes and music to get you moving, done so by combining heavier guitar riffs / drums with pop influenced vocal melodies. It’s a combination that works well for us!

Congrats on your new release. How are you feeling about this right now? 

Thank you! It feels like a weight off our shoulders right now, as we’ve been sat on this song for 2 years, waiting for the covid postponements to live music to pass, so we can get out and tour the single. The reception has been so good! Having people sing it back to us during our July tour was an incredible feeling. 

Could you talk to us about the process you have made as an artist to get to this point?  Well, we’ve been a band now for almost 8 years, starting out as a 00’s emo outfit, and progressing into the band we are today. I think we realised how quickly you can get stuck in a genre or left behind in these current times we live in. But we never wanted to jeopardise music we love writing just to fit in. So the progression came naturally and we’re happy with it.

We’re loving the single artwork. Could you please explain the meaning behind this? 

The single artwork is a stencil cut out of EP artwork, using the letters G O L D. The full EP artwork was a cool little project we all put together, combining a gold painted rose slowly losing its colour. I guess it symbolises nothing lasts forever!

If you had to describe your sound in 3 words which, would you pick?  Riff-heavy Dance Rock. Does that count as 3?! Haha.

Was the process in creating this single different to the other music you have released?  I think this single was probably the quickest song we’d ever written. The lads (Dan and Alex), had got together to flesh out some ideas, and they sent me a 40 second clip of the instrumental to get my thoughts on it. I immediately stopped what I was doing and spent the next few hours on vocal melodies and lyrics, before sending them an awful voice note back with my progress. They then took it one step further and recorded the whole instrumental, before I arrived days later to record vocals. 

Has listening to any other artist throughout your youth inspired this record? 

No artists in particular, because we all have such wide music tastes. But you can certainly hear our individual influences. I’ve always been a big fan of pop music, as well as rock. So bands like The 1975 and Don Broco have always given us vibes for new music.  What can we expect to see from in the future from you?  We have so much music to release! For the first time ever, we’ve managed to stock pile songs during the pandemic, so we’ve got an EP coming later this year, and a second EP to follow early next year. No doubt we’ll be looking to tour at every opportunity inbetween, hopefully we can start announing tours again with confirdence  Thanks again for joining us today. Any last comments you would like to mention to fans?  

It’s been a pleasure! To anyone reading and liking what they hear, we’re in the middle of running a crowd fund campaign to release the new EP’s. It would be great for any merch orders or donations to help get us over the line and get this music heard quicker.

Check out more of Elessar’s music right here: