New York 4-piece IKONIK share the follow up to their explosive debut ‘Believe’, the biting and infectious new single ‘Out Of Line’

Huge distorted guitars, punching drums and driving bass underpins soulful vocals to create a unique, classic rock sound. As the track develops through the intense instrumentation and angst ridden vocal performance, the tack closes with a fittingly epic and euphoric guitar solo, epitomising everything that is so exciting about the band. 

Speaking about the new single, the band describe the song as being about: “The courage to walk away from people and situations that don’t serve you anymore.”

Fronted by the pin-point vocals of Jayson Castor (son of the legendary Jimmy Castor), thick walls of guitar from Russell Ort, grounding bass from John Ricco and tight drums from Duncan Whitney, IKONIK’s explosive sound brings together a range of influences to create rock music full of catchy hooks and musical prowess. Their strikingly unique approach is something that has gained them widespread support across press and Spotify playlists over the last few months.