Ian Janco is a singer-songwriter that already seems to have a sense of purpose in his music. His sumptuous indie-folk sound and soft, swooning vocals hold a melancholic presence that takes charge so seamlessly. He returns with blissfully aware new single ‘Something New’, a song all about finding that love for someone even though they have gone onto other things.

Janco channels this so beautifully and ever present once more, in an emotive, heartfelt ballad that tugs right at those heartstrings. A moving string section is a particular highlight and showcase of the song, and the American artist always looks for the light in the darkest places, and ‘Something New’ is the perfect example of his relentless craft.


Speaking more on ‘Something New’ Janco says:

“Something New was written shortly after a breakup in the first Lockdown. It captures the feeling of knowing that a relationship is coming to an end, but still having love for a person even though they’ve moved on. On one of the darker days of that time, it just poured out of me – an expression of sadness and longing but also a kind of optimism for what’s to come. I hope that some people resonate with it and helps them get through whatever they may be going through.”


Listen to ‘Something New’ HERE.