Ian Janco is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who has an undying and relentless passion for music from the youngest of ages. Falling into writing warm, enriching tracks with floating melodies that hit that oh so sweet spot, he has had many a success so far and now arrives with his debut EP ‘Rapture’.

With 6 tracks full of heartache and personal downfalls, Janco tells us the story of his life at a highly uncertain time. Lead single ‘Long Way Down’ feels like the culmination of all of his releases so far, in a stripped back, melancholic song that blends early Bon Iver and Charlie Simpson. A track which showcases his more vulnerable side as a writer, Janco really comes to the fore in this one.

Ian says on the meaning behind ‘Rapture’ “This is a body of work I composed at the lowest point in my life, and the lowest point in many of our lives. In the thick of the Covid pandemic, I was broke and stuck in London, across the ocean from my family. My career was in standstill and I was questioning if I had any path forward in music.”

‘Castaway’ is another standout track and is a beautifully written alternative folk song, full of ethereal sounds and atmospheric synths which set the tone for the rest of the EP. Janco’s voice is also in a league of its own, and is powerful yet measured in his delivery.

This EP cuts deep for Janco, and you can hear it in every word he sings in what is a meaningful exploration into his life and sonics.


Listen to ‘Rapture’ EP HERE.