Music was always inside rock artist Howard Lull of Blue August Music, but the songs just needed to marinade in some life experiences before they could be shared. Howard’s father died in Vietnam when he was 12 years old; he dropped out of high school at 17; and he broke a lot of rules and made mistakes along the way. But Howard also found Jesus; let love into his heart; and became a top Emergency Room nurse who travels around the country streamlining and fixing ERs.

As an Emergency Department Administrator, Howard experiences daily, the agony of people who are held captive not only by physical wounds, but emotional and spiritual. These connections with people are what have inspired his music and his ministry.

Today, Howard is where he needs to be—an in-demand medical professional and a prolific artist with a 6-album catalog issued under his Blue August Music banner—Blue is his favorite color, and August is his birth month. On 9-21-21 he released his seventh album, A Blue August Journey.

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Howard’s latest album, A Blue August Journey, begins triumphantly with a song about failure simply titled, “Yeah, I Failed.” The song balances ethereal and emotive moments with anthemic hooks and melodic hard rock guitars. “Yeah, I Failed” captures the joy of being forgiven, and knowing there is always the redemption of the Lord as your safety net. The 11-song album also features several it’s-always-darkest-before-dawn reflective ballads, one standout is “Can I Pray For You?” which features lush choir vocals, atmospheric musicality, and boldly vulnerable lyrics. The uplifting and carefree, “C’mon Let’s Dance,” features airy textures and a 1980s pop-rock vibe, and it explores those times when faith is tested.


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