There’s nothing forgettable about this track, you’ll have it stuck in your head from here on out. The type of track that instantly leaves you scrolling through the rest of Rammor’s addictive discography, the track may have only been out for 4 days but has already taken the dance world by storm. With over 70,000 streams on Spotify alone, “Forget About You” has proven to be the type of track that will fill a dancefloor.

Finding inspiration in anything and everything, Rammor is heavily influenced by other artists’ music and performances. Ready to prove that he belongs on the stage of all the major festivals around the globe, ’Forget About You’ is a dance-heavy number that features hypnotising vocals, distinctive guitar melodies and a polished production.

Speaking about the instant classic ‘Forget About You’, Rammor shares, “The song is about someone who didn’t value the precious and carefree time with a loved one. He realized too late what it meant to him and now he regrets it and can’t get over it.”

Stream ‘Forget About You’ HERE.