Charleston, SC native Frank Hartman spends his life fighting corruption and deceit. By day, he works as a personal injury lawyer, suing big corporations on behalf of the average American; by night, he writes scathing songs that eviscerate corrupt people in power as frontman of his band Honeypot. The very name “Honeypot”, borrowed from a type of cybersecurity program that attracts and deflects potential hackers, aptly fits a band whose songs and videos are sometimes shocking, often political, frequently irreverent (think WEEN), and never apologetic. Hartman, a lifelong student of classic rock and progressive rock icons like RUSH, Tool, and Alice in Chains, brings a uniquely Southern twang to the prog world. Honeypot’s fans, affectionately known as Honeypotheads, are prog nerds, film buffs, and comic book lovers. 

As Hartman told Indie Music Discovery, “There are three consistent things in my life: my faith, my family, and my guitar. Women, friends, acquaintances, and epochs of time passed, but my guitar is a constant companion. My mother gave me my first guitar at 12 to keep me out of trouble. It was the same year I heard Hendrix for the first time. I was sold. Shortly thereafter, I saw RUSH for the first time. I bought RUSH Chronicles the next day and fell in love with “La Villa Strangiato”. Come rain or shine, I always have my Lord to lean on and my guitar as a medium, an outlet, to release whatever I am feeling. The written word is a complement because it allows me to describe what is going on around me. The complexity of human emotion is covered, and people relate, because we all are going through the same thing.“

Hartman and co-founding member Chris Chamberlain released their debut EP My Suicide Letter in 2016 and quickly learned how difficult it is to stand out as a fully independent, DIY band in an oversaturated music landscape without the proper marketing and strategy. After spending the next four years (during which they gathered plenty of angry inspiration from a horrific Administration) writing and recording their sophomore album On the B Side, Honeypot teamed up with music industry veteran Cyber PR to promote and publicize it digitally. 

Honeypot proudly premiered its On the B Side LP via legendary rock mag Glide Magazine in March of 2021. The two-sided, full-color 12” vinyl album is now available to purchase or stream on all digital platforms. The album’s first three singles, “Fake News”, “Over the Line”, and “On the B Side”, are mostly political protests, followed by “Shut Your Mouth”, a hard-rock anti-lovesong. The seven-track album closes with “Ryman Alley”, an Americana tune nodding to the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. On the B Side received praise from local press outlets such as the Charleston City Paper and Holy City Sinner, as well as genre giants like Progressive Rock Journal and Ghost Cult Magazine

Hartman performs virtually every month or so on Instagram Live and looks forward to playing in-person shows around the Carolinas when venues open up. Until then, follow Honeypot on all social platforms to stay updated, join the Honeypotheads Facebook Fan Group, and subscribe to their email list for exclusive, fans-only content. 

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“The band conjures up a big and bold rock and roll sound that is laced with prog, charged up 70s rock, metal, and plenty of darkly humorous commentary on the state of our world. There is plenty of guitar shredding throughout, which is contrasted with vivid lyrics.” – Glide Magazine album premiere

“The indie rock band has not shied away from using thoughtful, important topics in the past as a vehicle for their throwback 1990s alternative rock sound with its insightful songs and multi-layered approach to songwriting.” Ghost Cult Mag “Shut Your Mouth” song premiere