Historian is one of those artists who let’s it all out into his music. This Los Angeles based artist just dropped his newest song “Keep It Inside.” This song is raw in lyrics and dramatic in music. With a Band of Horses vibe, this song carries an orchestra with a string section played by Quartetto Fantastico and a horns section by Kelly O’Donohue and Nick Jolly. 

This song is about Historian’s emotional competency, about how he bottles up his emotions and buries them so deep inside that it erodes him. It’s completely and utterly relatable as a listener and cathartic for Historian. The use of an orchestra demonstrates the amount of thought inside his head and how loud it is up there. He keeps it all in to avoid being a burden, but it ends up hurting him in the end.

“This song is about my tendency to hold my feelings in when I’m feeling overwhelmed or despondent,” says Historian. “Sometimes it just feels like no one will understand what’s going on inside of me or, worse, that by sharing it I’m just being self-involved. Over time the feelings just boil over into a full-fledged depression. The irony is when I go inward, I often end up hurting the ones I love by excluding them from my life.”

This is an important song on the importance of Mental Health. He sings about how his own negative feelings and thoughts slowly tear him apart simply because he doesn’t want to make anyone else feel annoyed, or that he is an inconvenience, but by doing so compromises who he is as a person and changes how he lives his life. “Keep It Inside” is a reminder that it’s ok to not be ok and it’s ok to let people know where you are. “Keep It Inside” is out now on all streaming platforms. I highly recommend this song to everyone who loves music.

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