Born and raised in Michigan, ITREALL A.K.A LOONIETOON is looking to make a name for himself in the hip hop music industry. Ever since he was eight years old, music has consumed much of ITREALL’s life. Fast forward years down the road and ITREALL is a full-fledged artist in the making.

ITREALL has been going all out and getting himself into a perfect routine that helps keep his mind clear, allowing him to make the best music possible. Two of ITREALL’s best song tracks “Going Down” and “Summer Time” are the newest buzz in the industry.

Putting out the best music possible is something that ITREALL holds himself very accountable to. He writes all of his own music. He wants to put it out there for his fans to enjoy and be able to dance to when they’re listening. Everything you hear on the track is him. From the background vocals to the leads, ITREALL indeed can do it all.

ITREALL is making a name for himself in the hip hop industry. He elevates himself in all aspects of life, and it’s showing through the music he’s produced. ITREALL A.K.A LOONIETOON has the potential to be the next big deal.

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