A force to be reckoned with, FlowerVillain is a producer and remix artist on a mission to change the hip-hop world forever. The hip-hop industry knows him best for creating viral remix EP’S ‘FlowerVillain 1 and 2’, and the Not Dead EP. FlowerVillain’s new EP ‘FRANK’ provides an electrifying mix of sounds; both sampled and originals from different walks of life to create a memorable experience throughout.

Speaking about stunning leading single ‘thinking bout forever’, which samples iconic Frank Ocean tracks, Flowervillain shares, “It marks an evolution in my production style and level of execution. I’ve been working on the ideas for my project FRANK for a while and to me this track is the culmination of the best parts of Flowervillain so far, as well as a taste of what’s possible in the future. It’s also a tribute to one of my favourite Frank Ocean live performances – FYF Fest ’17”

Frank Ocean would be proud to get behind the groundbreaking release, and we’re certain. Quite revolutionary and would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s playlist, this stylish piece of art is a strong contender.