Hilary Roberts has kicked off the new decade with a bang, a new song and a killer video to match. 


As soon as ‘Good Man’ begins, it’s clear we are in for a treat. From the funky bass hooks to the quirky brass parts, this song is redefining the boundaries of pop music, and is having a laugh while doing so. The message of the song is clear – dump the bad boys, surround yourself with people who treat you right, put your needs first, and get rid of anyone who doesn’t agree. 


A bold statement of empowerment from the woman who already has three Billboard hits under her belt from the last year, including ‘Back 2 Life’, the emotionally poignant ‘Fight to the Other Side’ and the infectiously catchy ‘Christmas With You’. ‘Good Man’ ensures that Hilary’s year is often to a phenomenal start – I defy you not to crack a smile as the song begins, and even more so when watching the video!


It’s an absolute riot which really shows off Roberts’ sense of humour – she organises a competition to find the Best Man, through tasks such as tying kids’ shoelaces, dance solos, a talent round and more, only to award all of them the prize. You are defied not to crack a smile whilst watching Roberts and all her friends dance and make fools of themselves and each other while the infectious beats of this song play on. Towards the end of the video, Roberts celebrates love in every capacity, with couples of all shapes, sizes, colours and sexualities paid tribute to this Valentine’s Day.


Watch the video below and make sure to follow Hilary Roberts on her socials for more new music coming soon!