This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the creators of Heylo Cannabis Extracts, Daniel and Laurel, We had previously met at a cannabis tech meeting in Seattle where they invited me to their shop to learn more about cannabis extraction and to discuss their Live Music and Cannabis pairing events “Heylo Sessions

They were kind enough to walk me through the process from beginning to end. Heylo uses a CO2 extraction process in the creation of their oils which all start with Out Door Bud (No Sugar Leaf or Shake) to provide the full spectrum experience one would usually expect from flower. They extract terpenes, cannabinoids and waxes leaving a raw more flower like profile. In addition to their raw product, Heylo also sells a refined oil which is distilled with ethanol and tends to have higher THC with slightly lower terpenes.

“Heylo Sessions” has been put together with the help of Wikileaf and include input from the Musicians toward which strain best fits their music, and which charity will receive the proceeds from the show.

Wikileaf’s outdoor tent provides a shared space with other producers  in the industry, activities may include terpene cocktails, interactive artists, glass blowers and even an oregano rolling contest.

The next show on March 3rd features Chicago artist and colleague Demetruest with his chosen strain “Chronic and Romulan”. Tickets maybe purchased at  these shows sell out Fast and I hope it leads to a much larger community taking part in the combination of music industry and marijuana industry

Of course this is a Music blog, as a Musician you likely want to know how to get in front of this peaceful and prosperous audience. Haylo is looking for every style and genre to pair with their oils. Whether you’re a tried-and-true Seattle local, or a band from the other side of the world just passing through, They would Love to hear from You.

Leave your information, press kit and when you’ll be in town to work out a possible Show arrangement.

Paul Bultman