Here’s a video link to them creating it, live: hERON- Session at Radio Concuss

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” …a serious slab of orchestral, emotion-laden funk—albeit not created with help by members of theWrecking Crew, as hERON don’t have major-label backing. You may know Castro for his work withGrayskuland many other projects. Back in 2005 in these pages, Charles Mudede wrote, ‘Castro has played a central role in developing the dark, gothic sound that defines one of the four main streams of local hiphop.'”–Dave Segal, The Stranger

“Clocking in at a lean 32 minutes, hERON’s subtly mutated variety of trip hop/instrumental hip hop employs a deceptively bone-simple template. Texan Erick “Progeny” Frias lays down beats that sound 100% pulled from sampled real drums, while he and co-conspirator Rob Castro (former purveyor of beats and noise for noir-ish Seattle rap crew Greyskul) usually ride one sampled hook through to the end of each track. All at once, the end result’s raggedly expressive, organically danceable, and mesmerizing as Hell.”–Tony Kay, Artist Home

“A trip-hop vibe is extant, but it’s interestingly low-budget, with the beats non-hackneyed and the samples registering as swiped from a box of thrift-store vinyl cast-offs rather than the standard overused sources. Relaxing yet strange, and distinctive.”–Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District

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