At one time we might have considered someone who referred to their followers as some sort of ideological or religious fanatic. Followers, a term now ubiquitous, still refers to something telling in relation to the cult of the self. Its existence as a banal social media metric does not fully dispel the whiff of the fanatical.
My latest song plays with those questions: the artificiality inherent in having an online presence, the deal we make with our own devils to do so, and what we wager for better or worse in those transactions.
Created in collaboration with new media artist Evan Pearce of Notfortheireyes, the video for “Followers” depicts the quest for online approval descending into a nightmare of virtual reality, datamoshing, machine learning virtual reality, and video synthesis that pushes the now ubiquitous frame of social media into a dark dystopia.
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Followers” was produced by Elisa Pangsaeng and recorded during a residency at Calgary’s National Music Centre. The song is taken from my new EP, Tower (out now), whose narrative is about coming to terms with the reality of modern life. This release is the first in series of EPs made specifically in collaboration with, and to highlight the work of femme producers and sound engineers.
This song features the Kensington Sinfonia with a string arrangement composed by Donovan Seidle. The recording features three layers of the Sinfonia to achieve the full orchestra sound. I wanted this song to evoke a classic Hollywood score descending into something stranger and darker.
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