Gia Levé is the singer/songwriter, entertainer, and performer originally from New Zealand and now based in Santa Barbara. Her music is a beautiful blend of contemporary jazz and Latin jazz with lyrics that emote personal triumph and our human struggles.

She just released her new Latin jazz single “Hermana” from her upcoming LP. “Hermana” is a rallying cry for women to come together and unite to be a voice for positive change and support. The song is guided by an infectious melody and Gia’s impressively soulful voice.

She has studied many contemplative modalities including Kundalini, Life Visioning with Dr Michael Beckwith, Mindful Heart training, Isha Inner Engineering and participated in a Vipassana retreat where she sat in silence and meditation for ten days, discovering her own spirit through dedicated meditation and breath exercises. As a result of this transformative experience Gia, a self-confessed “late-bloomer” to performance music, followed her intuition to pursue songwriting and performing which jump-started her musical career.

“I was curious about an unshakable idea that I should send a song out to the world that would touch hearts.  My voice would be the messenger.  It’s been an exciting process to develop my voice and employ my business marketing and communications background to craft a whole new chapter of my life, I’d love to inspire others to find their untapped genius and boldly nurture and develop it.”

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