Recreating a classic song – a deep staple that lives in the hearts and souls of music fans – is never easy. In these cases, the artist has to make a decision whether to reinterpret the song completely with their own flavour, or stay true to the original, leveraging off the song’s familiarity with listeners. Each option has their own payoffs and risks, and pleasing fans of the original version often becomes a difficult task. In HeIsTheArtist’s remake of ‘Landslide’, the Fleetwood Mac anthem about growing old, HeIsTheArtist manages to tastefully straddle the line between these two paths. Even though his version of ‘Landslide’ contains trusty elements of the original with its soothing guitars, simple arrangement and dependable melody line, HeIsTheArtist does manage to inject his own unique vocal delivery style and syncopation, showcasing where he’s at as an artist, and managing to separate himself enough from the original version. Perfect for a day in, a study break or the long drive home, HeIsTheArtist’s version of ‘Landslide’ is an easy listen that contains enough familiar elements to follow along, but also sprinkles in welcome new additions totally unique to HeIsTheArtist. With its iconic, evocative coming-of-age lyrics, covering ‘Landslide’ was a smart choice for HeIsTheArtist to make.

– Fred Effendi