HeIsTheArtist is back once again with his distinct vocal stylings and smooth, sparse instrumentation. Having previously released the downtempo, adult contemporary-friendly EP, ‘Roots’, HeIsTheArtist returns with his unexpected new single ‘Virgin’. If you’re surprised to hear this new sound from HeIsTheArtist – you’re not the only one. This is a definite switch-up and transition into a more upbeat, contemporary pop and R&B genre, with HeIsTheArtist letting loose and having more fun with syncopation, different tones in his voice, and intricate production. The up-tempo/funk sound on ‘Virgin’ is further bolstered by HeIsTheArtist’s experimentation with riffs and runs – a welcome added feature to his vocal skillset. Overall, ‘Virgin’ is an updated, upgraded, modern sound for HeIsTheArtist. It’s a slinky affair that comes and goes quickly in the best possible way. A short, fun and sweet ride, perfect to play in the car or before you go out. Hats off to HeIsTheArtist for trying something new and succeeding. His evolution as an artist just goes to show how willing he is to try new things and push his artistic boundaries – something that not all artists possess in their repertoire. ‘Virgin’ is a sugary slice of R&B that HeIsTheArtist’s fans will be more than pleased with.

–Fred Effendi