Over the course of his career, no one has handled the transitional phases in their career better than HeIsTheArtist. The seasoned Christian singer started off in New York as a Neo-soul crooner signed to a record label with different dreams and a different name. Now, rebranded and refueled, his new project Roots shows us his immense potential in its rawest and most potent form. The five-track effort showcases his prowess on the acoustic guitar in addition to his already proven vocal range. Soulful, lush vocals over soothing guitar riffs with the lyrical content to boot; there is never such a thing as too much to love when it comes to HeIsTheArtist. His lyrics about the Lord are proving to be equal parts poised and inspiring in this modern age, and no matter what genre he decides to tackle, the result is always the same: immense success!

-Colton Devonshire