Formed in 2015 and recognised for tearing up the live circuit around London, Redhanded have become familiar faces in the alt rock scene. Delivering gritty Rock N Roll at its finest, Redhanded showcases high energy, electrifying guitar solos all drenched with poetic yet moody lyricism. Drawing on the influences of classic rock, grunge and progressive metal, the band have established their own interpretation of modern rock which is fresh and authentic.

Now the four-piece are ready to reveal their explosive debut album, the ten track wonder that is ‘Retrograde’.

Featuring all three previously released singles alongside two shorter transitional tracks, the remaining five unheard tunes are utterly enthralling. Redhanded have cultivated an incredible chemistry as a band which is prominent throughout each and every track on the album. Punchy and perfectly layered, every instrument has its distinctive place and they mesh together as one full frontal epic energetic force.

A debut worthy of remembrance ‘Retrograde’ is the full package delivering the entirety of the Rock n Roll experience.


“Our debut album ‘Retrograde’ has been a labour of love and a personal journey for all of us. Our core sound was forged in the jam room, and refined over time – at the end of the day, we wanted to create an album that was organic, honest and truly representative of all four of our personalities in every song. We were drawing on decades of diverse musical influences that shaped us, but at the same time, we were trying to craft something that sounded modern, contemporary and accessible. Above all, we wanted to create an album we could listen back to, be proud of, and genuinely enjoy. That’s where it all began for us, and to that end, we feel that we have succeeded.”  Redhanded


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