Have you listened to ‘Isolation’ yet? With his latest track, Jonny Ong has managed to perfectly tap into the current state and emotions of a confused and lonely world.


Managing to steer clear of desperation and despair, ‘Isolation’ instead is a celebration of the full range of human emotion, maintaining a positivity and forward-looking and thinking attitude in order to remind us all that this too shall pass.


Jonny started his musical journey at the age of 10 where he sang covers of Frank Sinatra for family birthdays. It was only during his high school years when Jonny first discovered the joy of The Beatles and decided to learn guitar. He went on to performing and eventually writing, recording and producing his own music.


During his teenage years, Jonny found a deep obsession for psychedelic music and how

songs usually had unconventional instruments layered into the mix.


‘Isolation’ is a perfect blend of all those influences, skills, instruments and song writing

drawn from the many years of studying his craft. 


Listen to ‘Isolation’ on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6m4b8BqvtPclSJxPElBQ4k