Imagine this, moving on your own to LA, reaching a #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Song chart, amassing over 1 million streams on your Spotify page and heading out to the UK to tour with boy-band icons The Wanted, sounds like a fantasy right? Well not for Harper Starling, who has achieved just that. The up-and-coming dance-pop artist is beginning to solidify her name into a fastidious list of new artists look out for. 

With no intention of throwing on the brakes, Starling has just released her latest stand-out dance-pop single ‘Say My Name (Why Don’t Ya Babe)’. An empowering track centralised on breaking free from a suffocatingly pessimistic partner and learning a valuable lesson in self-love, the assuring confidence leaves an infectiously feel-good sensation.  Flourishing with groove and moulded by a vivacious buoyancy ‘Say My Name (Why Don’t Ya Babe)’ gives a nod to 80’s nostalgia, paying homage to influences that induce Starling’s passion for music and dance. Unifying a combination of powerful raw vocal melodies with a touch of vocal modulation, Starling really begins to strut her tonal capabilities.

For Starling, it hasn’t always been one – after the next, diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome at the age of 8 would be enough to affect anyones chances at creating a career in the performance industry. For Harper, this wasn’t enough to set her back, a mere obstacle to climb over and work around, she wasn’t going to allow this to become a barrier between her and her dream. This inspiring tale only makes this single all about realising self-worth feel that little bit more special.

The release complements the back of her 2021 singles, ‘Cannot Tell A Lie’ and ‘No More What If’, which leaves the question, what’s next for Harper Starling?