Happy NewYear to Everyone!

We’re looking forward to the future of music as the world slowly returns to the days of packed arenas and slamming mosh pits, what a pleasure it will be to get beer spilled on us as someone body surfs the crowd. For now we must plan for the days of the scene’s eventual return, Bands are already posting their tour dates 6 or 9 months ahead, clubs will be opening again, We can All contribute to this great ecosystem that has served us so well over all these years.

We have tremendous gratitude for all of you that have participated with Inde-Music by adding your stories, reviews and press releases sharing new music to the world.

Here’s a list of some but certainly not all …

The Kind Professionals at MTS Management

The stylized writing of Sophie P.
https://indie-music.com/im/author/Sophie P.

The posts of gabriellelavs set to video which play directly from our homescreen

hipvideopromo with their great quantities of Quality Music Introductions


The Indie Music Critic

Ruby Sparks


Thank You All! We look forward to bringing you a better, easier and more expansive experience in 2021.