This innovative collection of ‘protest pop’ songs is perfectly in tune with our tumultuous modern times.

Ecotronica artist, environmental scientist, and activist Hapi has been using her music to address the planet’s most serious issues since her first release in 2008. Particularly focused on environmental issues, she has built up a large catalog of emotionally riveting songs that convey critically important messages. Her latest release under the moniker Hapi and the Lost Species is her most complete and compelling release to date.

The EP opens with ‘Free,’ a trap infused song from the point of view of a hunted dolphin forced to live in an aquarium. It’s a familiar theme for Hapi, whose energy and empathy can be heard in every note. The deceptively jubilant lead single ‘Elon’ meditates on the dangers of Elon Musk and his interplanetary ambitions. ‘Extinction Dance’ is about the fight to save the world, while ‘Plastic Planet’ is an urgent plea to address the pollution crisis in our oceans. The EP’s highlight comes with the optimistic ‘I Could,’ which Hapi describes as “a love song for activists.” With its open-hearted melodies and huge ambitions, this EP will make a perfect soundtrack for anyone dedicated to making the world a better place.

‘Human Nature Changes’ is available everywhere 9th June 2021.