About Reuben Brock

The best American country songs are the ones that tell a story, and Reuben Brock has no shortage of stories to tell. Growing up out west, he was always ensconced in the genre: his uncle was familiar with all the country performers at the Ryman Theatre and Gran Old Opry, and his grandmother was a country music superfan. He picked up a guitar at 14 years old after a surgery left him wheelchair-bound for a few weeks, and Brock has not put it down since. Fast forward to the present, Brock currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, a country music sweet spot. Along with many other artists and creatives during the coronavirus pandemic, Brock got busy writing during the lockdowns that swept the world into months of isolation. In 2020, he released My Perfect Christmas Night, an EP with six originals. Previously, he released two other full-length albums – 400 Horses in 2011 and TIME AND WHISKEY in 2016 – with other singles sprinkled in along the way. Now, he is preparing to release a new full-length album in fall 2022, DAMAGE. He has already shared a single, “NAIL AND HAMMER,” with his fans and followers, getting them excited for its associated album. Taking advantage of all his highs and lows experienced while stuck at home, his newest single, “Black Horse Through Hell,” captures all his emotions in the lyrics and brings another preview of what is to come with his next big release.

About “Black Horse Through Hell”

It is never easy getting over a breakup. First, there is this period of discovery that this once adored person is no longer the right one, and distancing is needed to avoid bigger and worse storms from brewing as time goes on. Once that happens, it can feel like an endless journey relearning how to live life amidst the ruins left behind by the past partner, but it can also feel like a race to escape the hell caused by the already-inflicted damage. This poetic, symbolic desire to push through the rough times and ride it out is the main theme behind “Black Horse Through Hell.” Writing the lyrics gave Brock the outlet he needed to get these cooped up feelings off his chest, giving him more strength and clarity to move forward after seeing everything that had paralyzed him for far too long on paper. Brock took great inspiration from Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “If you’re going through hell, keep going,” but as a cowboy at heart, he brings this advice to life by navigating through the smoke, flames, and wreckage of his former love.

About the video

Brock learned that visuals are critical early in his performing career, and it shows in the “Black Horse Through Hell” music video. The animated hellscapes shown in the background of Brock’s charismatic performance perfectly complement the motif of his latest song. Audiences will instantly be drawn in with the opening zoetrope effect taking viewers inside the classic motion-picture invention that creates the dark horse running; the fire around it provides the lighting for this horse silhouette. From there, the video is consistent with this vintage theming, as Brock appears in black and white over the red-tinted country backdrops. The shots flow smoothly into one another within the established designs and framework of the video. Viewers should also keep their eyes peeled for some fun hidden features planted along the way, too. No detail went overlooked, including light effects that align over the guitar accents and sparks edited over the violin strings present in the track.

You can also visit https://reubenbrock.com/ for more information about Reuben and his creative pursuits.