Staying true to his non conforming, rebellious nature, international model and musician Andreww offers us a refreshing twist with upcoming single ‘Surprise’. Never one to allow the confinement and constraint of genre affect his art, Andreww puts his ethos firmly into practice with a  revamped, explorative and contemporary sound and this new single acts exactly as the name suggests, a welcomed and intriguing ‘Surprise’.

Almost as if a palate cleanser, ‘Surprise’ is lighter and brighter than previous offerings, showcasing another side to the multifaceted musician. However it still manages to capture the entity and entirety of Andreww and his unmistakable sound within the walls of its sonisphere. Evidencing lashings of versatility yet again, Andreww acts as a permission slip for us all, encouraging us to explore, to deviate and take the path less trodden, to relish in the turn of a tide whilst we still have time on our side.

“As I’m getting older I’m thinking more about the notion of time and if you’re not careful days bleed into months and months bleed into years and before you know it you haven’t been part of your own life. Regarding the sound of the new song I wanted to try something a bit different but still make sure it has my signature sound and I really think that we managed to do that. ” – Andreww

With each song materialising as a form of answer to a question, a moving piece created in response to or to directly decipher and dissect his own mind, ‘Surprise’ continues to follow suit, allowing Andreww to unlock and traverse his thoughts through his songwriting. Delivering his sound over characteristically dirty, grunge fuelled sonics, a curated mishmash of electric guitars and 808 trap infused beats.

Somewhat of an illusive enigma, Andrewws lack of colouring within the lines makes for an always evolving and ever fascinating artist. Never knowing what may come, he keeps fans teetering on the edge of excitement, curiosity and trepidation. Eagerly anticipating what Andreww may bring to the table next.

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