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My new single, “High-Functioning,” is a song about holding your life together in every place but your own head. When I wrote the lyrics, I was going through a difficult time with my OCD. During that period, nobody in my life could tell that my inner world was overwhelming because I was right on the ball in so many other capacities. One particular night, I thought to myself – “I may as well try to write instead of just sitting and stewing in these uncomfortable feelings.”


By powering forward and working towards my goals in the face of struggle, I built a solid foundation to stand on where I found both the purpose and drive I needed to stay confident through it all. I was “High-Functioning” in every sense of the term.

While this is a very personal depiction of something I was moving through, it serves as a broad reminder that what’s on the surface doesn’t illustrate the whole picture of anybody. With the high-energy melody and bouncing riffs, I wanted to evoke the feeling of chaos when your anxious thoughts start to control you while you’re trying your best to keep up.


Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and listen! The rest of 2019 is all about playing more shows and recording my EP which is set for release early next year. 

Grizzly Coast // Alannah Kavanagh


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