The accompanying performance video for Wyn Starks’ track ‘Circles’ is a gorgeously classy affair, with a deserted platform and piano to boot.

The setting of a train station emphasises Starks’ ability to take you by the hand and lead you backwards through time; this song could be mistaken for a hit from the ’60s.

Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the pop singer fell in love with the Motown greats that played throughout his house, and the Gospel music he sang in church. Raised by a single mother, his youth was shaped by insecurity and a strong desire to please those around him. It wasn’t until he moved to Nashville that he discovered his true identity and self-worth, both personally and professionally. His newfound confidence has shaped the music he’s crafting – a melting pot of old-school R&B, retro pop and Motown magic rooted in love, acceptance and inclusion.