Goose Bolton’s new release “Lunatic” is a laidback, hypnotic electronica funk track with sounds from the 1980s mixed with a modern twist.

Bolton keeps a fairly low profile, and not much is known of him as an artist. There is a story that he crash-landed on Earth in early 2021AD. When he landed on Earth, there were only a few violent and not very intelligent beings, so Goose decided to use Earth only as a flyover. Later, he emerges to a strange place and society and plays his music.

The video for “Lunatic” is just as strange. Bolton says that the song was made for the video, even though the video came second. “Lunatic” is a character who hallucinates talking objects, and later grows into its own entity.

“[myself] and Nick Chuba originally were going for a distorted blown-out drum set sort of pulse that would work as a gravitational pull while other musical elements and percussion swirl around it.”

Listen here:

The video which accompanies “Lunatic” shows us that the young girl, the lunatic in this case, is the viewer. We are running away from ourselves, not realizing that we are in this strange world. In the video, the people wear striking lizard heads. Although, we do not know who is really a lizard person.

Watch here:

The track was written by Goose Bolton and co-produced and co-composed by Los Angeles based Nick Chuba. Mixed by Grammy award winning engineer Craig Bauer.

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