Storytelling singer Chet Lam spent his childhood in Hong Kong’s gritty, inner city housing complexes with very little resources. As a gay kid growing up in a humble environment while trying to figure out where he fit in, he found solace in the poignant and poetic outlaw and brokenhearted narratives of 1970s Americana and country artists. Chet also saw in USA roots music similarities with Chinese pop, as both brimmed with strong melodies, sensitive stories, and careful attention to lyrical detail. Now, after becoming a highly-respected artist in the Asian market, Chet hopes to bring a heartfelt fusion of East-West pop sensibilities to the Western Hemisphere. 

Chet has since become known worldwide with 33,987 monthly Spotify listens, and a body of work spanning nearly 20 albums, featuring songs sung in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. He writes and sings sensually and sagely about relationships, heartbreak, and new love. “I like to ask the right questions in my songs instead of giving themes and content away. I like to challenge people a little bit,” Chet says. 

His most recent folk pop album, Back to the Stars Again, was inspired by the classic French Story, The Little Prince. He gives each character a spotlight using music and lyrics based on their archetype, motives, and characterizations as well as putting the biggest plot points into music. It has a fantastical element to it with lightness in the acoustic and orchestral instrumentation. His voice gives a sense of etherealization, lifting the story into a heavenly space. He uses Joni Mitchell’s style of story with it’s delicacy and movement, and almost a Leonard Cohen style in the music.

These days Chet has his sights on sharing his beautiful melding of country narratives with strong Chinese pop-influenced melodies beyond the Asian market which has gifted him with great achievements and a lucrative music career. Thinking about his journey thus far, Chet says: “I’ve been lucky, and I am so grateful for all the love and support I’ve gotten from the Asian region. With this phase of my career, I hope to touch hearts and reach people out West, and I’m so excited to get started!”

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