A track that will instantly bury itself into your heart, there’s nothing temporary about this song. Finding a permanent place in your life, the indie-pop number was produced by Jamie McArdle. Gem Chantelle’s fourth single to date, it’s safe to say this songwriter means business with her breathtaking discography. Certainly turning heads within the streaming world, Gem’s discography has been streamed over 700,000 times on Spotify alone. Armed with tasty melodies that will find a home in your heart, it’s Gem’s incredible vocal range that steals the full spotlight. 

Sharing her thoughts on the vivid new single, Gem Chantelle explains, “I wrote Temporary about the constant changes that we’re faced with as we grow. Relationships come and go, along with friendships and everything else. I’ve always struggled with the idea that nothing is permanent, but now I understand that change can offer so many possibilities if you embrace it.”

Remarkably original, this could easily be the sound of summer 2021.

Stream the new single HERE.