Returning to music after years away from the industry, alt-pop artist Giovanna has hit the ground running over the Summer with her newest effort ‘Young Heart Player’.

London born singer-songwriter Giovanna’s roots in music stem back to 2011, when she released a successful series of singles that instantly caught the attention of music fans and critics alike, with Giovanna’s capturing vocals and vast array of ancestral heritage influences defining her distinct musical style. Now ready and raring to go after taking some time away from the limelight, Giovanna is reigning in her roots in film scoring which saw her write music for award-winning film ‘RISK’ to give her material an instant cinematic quality, evident in newest single ‘Young Heart Player’.

Starting off with a band of strong synths paired with some seriously punchy percussion, ‘Young Heart Player’ immediately has this atmospheric sounding quality, a theme carried through to the tracks latterly introduced dreamy instrumentals. Then interrupting the instrumentals, Giovanna’s commanding vocals come in like a ton of bricks, cutting through the sound of the song to showcase the skilled vocal control and demanding tone Giovanna possesses.

Following on from 2018’s ‘Let Go Of Yourself’, ‘Young Heart Player’ is a true demonstration of the time and effort Giovanna has put into honing her creative direction. Produced by Liam Howe, responsible for the work behind Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Ray and Marina and the Diamonds, ‘Young Heart Player’ is the first in a series of forthcoming tracks soon to be released by this alt-pop enigma.