The Moscow International Short Film Festival is a monthly shortlist of some of the most creative pieces in cinema at the moment. In amongst the very best short films selected this month is the enigmatic Giovanna’s music video for ‘Can’t Go Back’, directed by Luke Bradford. 


Giovanna is a recording artist whose single ‘Young Heart Player’ has been making waves on the radio and in the charts with its dance-esque production and glacial vocals telling the tale of power dynamics and struggles – in romantic relationships and the world over. The video for this song is a beautiful example of how Giovanna’s music can speak to experts of different disciplines – the video depicts two dancers performing choreography which perfectly illustrates this idea of struggles in power. 


For ‘Can’t Go Back’, the setting this time is an abandoned church inside a snowglobe, where we find Giovanna playing the piano and reminiscing about past memories with a sense of mystery and longing. Watching the video, it’s impossible not to wonder about this singer’s backstory – why is she there? Who does she miss? Why is she sad?


It’s easy to see why this video has been nominated – it’s a beautiful encapsulation of melancholy and longing to return to the past which is all underpinned by Giovanna’s powerful vocals. The range of Giovanna’s voice is particularly impressive on this track, which showcases her ability to translate emotions into everything from a whisper to a full-on belt and take this experience into something truly heartfelt and almost primal in its raw expression.


Giovanna’s music is of the type which can really attack from all angles, shown in this nomination and all the other visual accompaniments to her music. It’s art which inspires other art; and, for a singer, there can be no greater compliment than that. 


Watch the shortlisted video below!