Singer songwriter Giovanna returns with her latest music video to accompany her pop song ‘Young Heart Player’. Following on from the success of her previous single ‘Let Yourself Go’ ‘Young Heart Player’ signifies a new era for this alt pop enigma.

The track begins with ethereal instrumentation leading the way, with creeping synths and punchy drums introducing the song. Moving forwards and Giovanna’s vocals are slowly weaved in amongst the songs ethereal sounds, which build up to a chorus where the singers vocals take a commanding turn, with her powerful range reinforcing the tracks lyrics that takes a look into the topic of heartbreak.

Following on with the music video and as a piece of production, every shot and angle is truly cinematic. Almost as if it was an exhibition of Giovanna’s work in film scoring, the music video focuses on contemporary and interpretive dance which seems fitting as the movements the pair make within the music video are evidently from the heart, a fitting way to bring to life the songs emotionally driven lyrics.

Off the back of the release for ‘Young Heart Player’, the building hype surrounding Giovanna will no doubt propel her to even more success with future releases.

Check out the brand new music video below and stay tuned to see what this enigmatic young artist gets up to next…