Brooklyn-based EDM band, Gift of Tongues, has finally released his album The Perfect Son. If you’re in need of a solo dance party to kick off the pandemic summer, check out this album, it’s chock full of strut songs.David Johnston, the heart and soul behind the band, creates a safe space for himself and his listeners to have honest conversations about mental health, identity, and love through music. He is a singer-songwriter whose mission is to make music about mental health that is not depressing and slow, but energetic and empowering.“Though there are danceable synth pop songs, everything is tinged with a kind of sadness and darkness -the soft underbelly of my life,” says David when describing the vibe of The Perfect Son.


The album consists of 15 great songs that all differ from each other in several musical ways, but they all seem to carry the same themes — mental illness, nostalgia, and love. We are taken along the journey at the very start of the album with “Man Of The World,” which is extremely upbeat and introduces the band’s musical vibe perfectly. In this track, David tells us a little about himself, “I can see the future, I can read your mind….I am a man of the world, I’ve been around the block.” All of this happens with a sick beat underneath.


The meat of the album is more focused on falling in and out of love with somebody. The third track, “Busted,” explores feelings of frustration and unrequited love. David is very familiar with mental illness as he has a diagnosed bi-polar disorder, and he is extremely open to having conversations about it. In fact, he encourages people to discuss these things as he knows it will help people suffering. One of the singles off of the album, “The Art Of Loneliness,” touches on this subject. “The lyrics here are the closest I get to a private monologue with me trying to convince myself that loneliness isn’t such a painful situation,” says Johnston. 


Finally, the album closes with “The Perfect Son,” which is a reflection of David’s childhood — he was raised by a single mother who he was constantly trying to appease. This song is a bit slower than some of the rest, but the subject matter is no darker than the rest of the album. 


We are so lucky to have received 15 brand new songs from Gift of Tongues. Go and stream The Perfect Son!



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