Quebec City’s hardcore scene trailblazers, Get The Shot incorporate death metal and beatdown elements on their upcoming fourth album, Merciless Destruction. After more than 500 concerts on three continents, including some on the biggest international stages such as Hellfest, Jera On Air, Summerbreeze and Groezrock, the five band members remain committed to the core values of authenticity, integrity, and equality at the heart of the hardcore movement, while addressing with disillusioned realism the flaws of an era defined by blind individualism.

The human race is the only species that ironically shines by its capacity to destroy the conditions of life itself. Mankind is a disease and is doomed to generate its own extinction. “Bloodbather,” the latest single to be shared ahead of Merciless Destruction, is a song based on this pessimistic observation and celebrates the downfall of man as a benediction.