Quebec City-based hardcore band, Get The Shot, are unpretentious spirited and tinged with the desperation of a cold and disaffected youth.

Their new single, “Survival Denied,” was inspired by the conjunction of two tragic, timeless and implacable observations made respectively by Thomas Hobbes and Arthur Schopenhauer:

1. That man is a wolf to man, and life is nothing more than a perpetual struggle for mere existence with the certainty of losing it at last.
2. In a world that glorifies the pursuit of self-interest and disregards cooperation, everyone becomes a potential enemy, a persecutor in power. There is no way one can lead a good existence in such an alienated and self-destructive life.

So this song builds on this fatalistic conclusion: If nothing can save us from ourselves, may we all get what we deserve and may humanity burn in hell.

“Survival Denied” and “Deathbound (F. Rob Watson)” are the first tastes of new music from Get The Shot’s fourth album. Where Infinite Punishment (2017) delivered the distinctive ferocity and violent vigour of five disillusioned spirits who have nothing left to lose, the new album sees the band exploring new territories of extreme music, while sticking to its roots and its fierce DIY approach to music.