Genre-defying duo President Street return for their latest melodically-driven autumnal anthem ‘I Found Me’.


It’s a song which reminds us to put ourselves first – a timely message in a climate where caring for yourself is not only difficult, but actively discouraged by the majority of media we see. Yes, it’s a love song, but it’s a love song about falling in love with yourself before anyone else. The track builds around Ruby’s vocals but her confidence and clarity is never overshadowed. When the chorus begins, the instrumentation is fast paced and triumphant and filled with the enviably confident declaration that “I didn’t know I was looking for you until I found me.”


Mixed by the celebrated mixer, writer and musician Ash Howes, the track has what it takes to be the anthem of autumn 2019. Howes has worked with One Direction, Kylie Minogue and Jack Savoretti (to name but a few), has been fundamental in the success of some of the industry’s most popular albums and has now applied his Midas touch to ‘I Found Me’.


Fresh off the back of an acoustic tour of the UK, this Australian duo have been spending time in the studio, writing and producing new material in preparation for their upcoming season of releases.