Identifiable as their own, Gecko Club are back with remarkable new single ‘Caramel Clouds’. Based on a gorgeous indie arrangement with glistening pop sensibilities, the track is charismatic and flavoured with attitude. With numerous releases including debut single ‘High Flyer’ and their recent release ‘Summer 2020’ amounting to over 700,000 streams, this represents the group’s genre-fluidity on top of their talent.

Speaking about their new single, Gecko Club state, “The song is about the breakdown of a relationship. Not the typical relationship with a partner, something more sentimental. Two people having a battle of opinion and morals, each person involved is to be blamed in the others’ eyes with stubbornness leading to no resolution. The song originated from a riff James played in our studio a couple of years back. It took us a while to get right, having tried loads of variations of the track, we eventually felt like we got it to where we wanted it to be. It’s one of our darker tracks, and one of our favorites to play at shows. The first time we played it, back at a festival in summer, we knew we had something special. The crowd confirmed this for us, and we got ourselves into the studio with Jim and Grizz, and knew we had our next single, and first release for the EP.”