Written by: Melanie Gomez

GEA (Laura Avonius) is an indie pop/experimental singer and songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. If her edgy and creative artistry within her photos didn’t catch your attention, her music surely will.

With a sound often described as full of magic and mystery, GEA uses her piano to create her music along with traditional Finnish folk instruments to make a more modern sound. During her early years, GEA would compose songs for her school choir and study piano playing. That’s why for us, the piano wasn’t such a surprising instrument for her weapon of choice.

But watching and listening to “Pink,” listeners can hear the raw emotion in GEA’s voice. That emotion comes from a dark period in her life. Although she may have struggled, song writing is what picked her spirits up again. The part that struck us most within the video for “Pink” was seeing a letter reading, “There are no Finnish police here to help psycho women,” being burned to flames by someone. That’s where the mystery in GEA’s music shows. She makes her listeners think about what she’s singing, as well the message she’s trying to portray.

Check out GEA’s video for “Pink” below: