Gary Burk III is back with another jaw dropping, repeat-button-smashing track There really is no other way to say it. The Pittsburgh-based guitarist is spending his time developing some very impressive new tunes, and proves with each track that he is not confined to any one particular genre or music style. The man is versatile, and he’s out there proving it with every new song he releases.

Another testimony to his unmatched talent is his new song ‘You Got Me’.

The song itself carries a unique flair to it, leaving fans wanting more.  It helps create further anticipation and excitement for Gary’s upcoming releases. The track is an ideal representation of how meticulous vocals and well-curated melodies can help a song instill multiple emotions in the listener. The track carries a home-y and welcoming vibe to it, and resonates well with Gary’s style and personality.

Gary has reflected in his previous work that he possesses immense talent and a natural love for the guitar. Coupled with the desire to showcase and explore that talent, it’s no surprise that the Pittsburgh native is turning heads.  With every new song, he further solidifies his position in the music industry and has now set the stage for the release for his debut EP ‘Show Em What You’ve Got’ scheduled for release in late 2019.

-J.G. Bender