Gareth Inkster‘s new song, “Vacant,” was written as a knee-jerk response to a really difficult season of life at the end of last summer. 

He had lost his appetite, he wasn’t sleeping well, and was having a really hard time making sense of his situation. It went on for a while, too – so much so that Gareth eventually just grew sick of how he was feeling, and really wanted it to be over. 

Sitting at his piano late one afternoon, the Hamilton, ON-based artist sang a demo into his phone and it was pretty slow. After transferring the song to guitar, he realized it had the potential to be a driving, bare-bones, passionate howl. “Vacant” then promptly took shape.

Gareth produced “Vacant,” and recorded everything in his bedroom with the exception of drums which were done by Sheepdog Studios’ Glen Watkinson. Adam Carter played rhythm electric, Robinson Inkster played bass, and the rest (acoustic, vocals, piano, organ, some rhythm electric, lead electric, aux perc) is all Gareth.

It’s interesting – the simplest songs (lyrically) tend to be the same harmonically and melodically, too. That’s definitely true in the case of “Vacant.” Straight forward, to-the-point, no bones about it, but totally sincere.