Heartfelt, impactful and intensely catchy, the new single ‘Don’t Save Me’ from Gard Read is a pop masterpiece. His second single following the debut ‘All We Can Do’, the track once again sees Gard demonstrate his remarkable ability as a songwriter.

Opening with ‘Don’t Save Me’ presents itself as a perfect blend between Acoustic Singer-Songwriter and Electro-Pop all in one track, touching on both with its building instrumentation. Acoustic guitar lines, a thudding four to the floor and pulsing, side-chained synth lines and Gard’s layers of silky and subtly processed vocals create a soundscape packed with commercial appeal and an expertly crafted sound pallet.

Speaking about the single, Gard explains: “Don’t Save Me is about being in a dark place, where it can be hard to escape. Humans can be ashamed, scared, or just stubborn when struggling, but you cannot help those who don’t want to be helped. Healing comes in many forms, though it will never be the same. What was broken can harden and become stronger. But you have to want it first.”